A Foot in Two Cultures: What it means to be in the middle of the melting pot of America

Although considered a predominantly white country, the United States of America is a unique country in that it features a blend of cultures coming from all corners of the earth. What began as a land conquered by the Native Americans soon became owned by the white Europeans. Soon after, people of all different descents came to the promised land in order to chase their dreams.

Fortunately, the trend of immigration reached no end. America has become a melting pot, a blend of all cultures. Due to the variety of ethnicities existing in America, there inevitably came to be mixed race, first generation children who offer a different perspective to life in America.

California Polytechnic State Universtiy, San Luis Obispo student Anthony Tyler is no stranger to the biracial lifestyle. Half Taiwanese and half white, Tyler grew up with a foot in two cultures, ultimately granting him a lifetime of experience different than what Euro-centric Americans typically experience.

According to the Pew Research Center, the United State’s mixed race population is growing three times faster than the general population. Because of this, it seems that these people will start to have more of a cultural flavor to offer to the current American lifestyle that currently exists.

However, an article featured on NPR explains why the life of a mixed race, first generation kid may not be so simple to navigate. It can be difficult to find oneself, especially if the mixed race kid lives in an area of white superiority, where they may be looked down upon due to the fact that they belong to a non-white group.

Luckily for students like Anthony, growing up in an area where a large percentage of the population was Asian, he was able to get more in touch with his culture, and develop it in a new way. He familiarized himself with several different elements of Asian culture and implemented them into his everyday life, overall creating a new experience, and offering something new for those who interact with him.